Workshop: Spatial Analysis

(ggplot, sp, sf packages)
Feb 23, 2024, 3:00 pm4:30 pm
103 Bendheim House



Event Description

This workshop is part of a series in collaboration with DDSS scholars and will serve as the foundational step for participants to explore advanced spatial analysis topics, with the following objectives:

  • Introduction to Geoda: We will first delve into Geoda, which is a user-friendly software application developed by influential econometrician Anselin and his team. This coding-free application will help develop a practical understanding of spatial econometrics concepts including spatial heterogeneity, various approaches to form and use spatial weight matrices. 
  • R Visualization for Spatial Data: In the second module of the workshop, we will transition to R for visualizing spatial data and create interactive maps, enhancing your ability to explore or convey spatial patterns effectively.
  • Foundations of Spatial Analysis in R (sp, sf): Finally, we will explore key packages and functions in R packages, such as sp and sf, commonly used in spatial analysis.
  • Gateway to other DDSS and QAPS Workshops: This workshop will lay the groundwork, preparing you for more technical workshops on spatial analysis offered by DDSS and QAPS later in the semester.