Workshop: Programmatic graphics in R with ggplot2

Oct 11, 2019, 10:00 am10:00 am
Fisher 200



Event Description

This workshop shows how to create publication quality graphics using the the 'grammar of graphics' implemented in R in the package ggplot2. We first decompose a statistical graphic into its components: mappings of variables onto visual elements and then practice using functions that build up a plot.


ggplot2 has idiosyncratic but coherent and well designed semantics. Consequently basic R skills are sufficient for the workshop.


This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning how to make graphics that are better looking and more efficient to create than the ones built into base R. If you are not a politics graduate student, please send email to [email protected] that you are planning to attend, so we can ensure enough space in the room.

Materials: TBA