QAPS offers a consulting service serving faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and students in the Department of Politics and SPIA, but also open to members of other departments across the social sciences and humanities. The service is designed to help with research design, statistics, formal theory, and computational questions arising from your research. We can offer you or your research assistants guidance on a host of topics such as statistical analysis, research database construction, among other computational research methods. 

Our Consultants

For Fall 2023, our consultants and their research specializations are:

  • Perry Carter (Quantitative Methods, Formal Theory, Network Analysis)
  • Elaine Yao (Game Theory, Survey Experiments, Text-as-Data Methods)
  • Joseph J. Ruggiero (Quantitative Methods, Structural Estimation, Economic and Social Networks)
  • Roel Bos (Game Theory, Bargaining Models)
  • Yingjie Fan (Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Survey Experiments)
  • Dahyun Choi (Quantitative Methods, Text-as-Data, Causal Inference, Machine Learning)
  • Harshal Zalke (Quantitative Methods, Formal Theory)
  • Yuhan Zheng (Survey Experiments, Formal Theory, Structural Estimation)
  • Xuancheng Qian (Bargaining Models, Text Analysis, Statistical Machine Learning)
  • Arantxa Rodriguez Uribe (Research Design, Causal Inference, Data Management and Statistical Analysis with R, Stata, QGIS)


Each consultant offers office hours each semester. To arrange an appointment with our consultants, kindly use the link provided below. Feel free to share the details of your statistical inquiries and research requirements. This will enable us to expedite the assistance we can offer you.

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