Quantitative Social Science Colloquium

The Quantitative Social Science Colloquium is a forum where graduate students and faculty members from various social science disciplines present ongoing research that either applies or develops cutting-edge quantitative methods.  Occasionally, external speakers are invited to give a presentation. The seminar is jointly sponsored by the Departments of Politics, Psychology and Sociology. You can find details of future QSS colloquium speakers and topics below. Past QSS speakers and topics are here.

The Faculty Coordinators are Tom GriffithsDean KnoxBetsy Levy-PaluckJohn LondreganMarc RatkovicMatthew Salganik, and Brandon Stewart. The Graduate Student Coordinators are Naijia Liu and Ian Lundberg.  For questions about logistics please contact the graduate student coordinators. For all other questions please contact Brandon Stewart.

You can view or subscribe to our Google calendar or subscribe to our mailing list. To subscribe to the QSS Colloquium mailing list:

  1. Address an email to listserv@princeton.edu, make sure to leave all other lines blank. Make sure there are no subject or header lines
  2. In the body of the email type: Subscribe QSS-seminar
    Make sure not to put a signature in the body.
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